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31 March 2009 68,717 views 10 Comments

[Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kolbt]

TOPIC: IS AGE JUST A NUMBER? – Living through the Decades
Guests: Suzanne Braun Levine, Sonya Hamlin, Dr. Belisa Vranik

Date: March 25, 2009 (LIVE). Take a look:

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  • juditha marcin said:

    You gals have brightened a drab morning. You lighten my morning with fun, laughter and smiles . If you banter it is in fun and not anger. A refreshing show that was oh so needed. (That is my view)
    Thank you again for making a cheerful way to start a day.
    Judith Marcin
    Madison, Wi

  • jean marie said:

    What is the name of the lash growing mascara that KLG mentioned on air on June 12th?

  • Ina said:

    Kathy Lee has ruined the show. She is really rude to Hoda when it is not funny and her interrupting Hoday constantly has got to annoy Hoda. This show has become very difficult to watch.

  • Terrie Vandertook said:

    Hi girls! I was watching about Heart Health today and had to comment. I know doctors comments are taken like they are all knowing but I have to say one thing about excercise and good diet being able to lower cholesterol along w/ statins. It’s not always true which makes me believe it can be predisposition!

    I am almost all Irish and when I had a cholesterol reading of 257 (mostly bad)several years ago I was working out 3 to 4x a week with heavy aerobics and playing softball, eating a no fat diet, my cholesterol went up instead of down to 315 after 22 lb weight loss. I went on statins (lipitor) and for about 10 yrs I was ok until I started having severe pains/craps in my legs. They were getting so frequent I was afraid of going out at times. I went off statins and no pain. In my business I hear from all types of people and I feel drs. push statins on anytime the cholesterol is high. I tried many different types of statins and would always end up with crapping. It’s a build up in your liver. I ended up going off statins and would rather have quality of life than quantity. Many others have found statins to be causing other severe problems that the general public is not privy too. So please have all info put out there, pro and con. It’s happening alot more frequent that we hear about! Thanks for listening!

  • phyllis j said:

    I agree with the person who said “it use to be Hoda first, why is Kathy Lee first?? Personally I can not stand Kathy Lee, she needs a lot of attention and is a big baby when she doesn’t get her way. I watched the show last week when there was a contest between the two of them. Hoda was winning and Kathy Lee was mad—she didn’t even hide her feelings for the camera. What a Big Baby and an OLD fool, I’m tierd of it. Why, in Gods name do they keep her. I no longer watch the show and I know a lot more who have stopped watching as well.

  • Marilyn Harrison said:

    What is the name of the Lash growing Mascara that kathy Lee mentioned on air, on Monday or was it Tuesday this week?

  • Betsy said:

    I love the morning show, the girls are great and lots of fun to watch. Thanks to NBC for a nice morning. Betsy

  • Carol Johnson said:

    I think there is too much sex talk. What others do in their sex life is something that should be private. You should be promoting things that promote pure things not open talk about sex. Why do you think our kids are messed up about sex? Too Much Talk, that’s why families should talk about these things not broadcast on the airways and giving personal opinions. I know what the Bible says about it and that settels it. I hear one side out of Kathy’s mouth then she goes into all this intimate things about sex? well, not just her but others too. I find it offensive how about you?

  • Ruth Wiggs said:

    Hoda talked about a book called “WOMEN, FOOD AND GOD” by Geneen Roth on Wed. May26th……I would love to hear about her comments….can anyone help me ?

  • Jerry Birchfield said:

    Kathy Lee is very rude to everyone.I would like to find the
    planet she came from and send her back.Alls you have to do is
    tell her there is a bottle of wine waiting for her at home and
    and let the drunk go.Hoda needs to knock her out one morning.
    that would bring the veiwers back she has ran off.If it was for
    Frank Gilford she wouldnt be anyone anyway.Had to be a pity

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