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SPECIAL EDITION! Mother Nature’s Surprising Gift: The New Intimacy
After 50!

Suzanne Braun Levine &
Mary Eileen Williams

Suzanne and Eileen Stanford 40th Anniversary of Ms“One of the lovely things about writing a book about women in my stage of life is that I learn so much that makes my life richer. The message of How We Love Now is the same message that I have taken away from all the thoughtful women I interviewed – that we are in more nourishing relationships than we stop to appreciate and that those relationships are helping us grow more authentic and more “bodacious” – to use Eileen’s word -every day. And we should stop to celebrate that. I have a coffee cup that carries a motto that puts it very well: ‘Every day is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.’” — Suzanne Braun Levine

If you’re a woman over 50, you know that your relationships are evolving. Some are becoming stronger while others have lessened their hold on you. Many grow deeper while others fade. And some are just starting out—forming with an unexpected intimacy. Life after 50 means change. In this we have little choice. Our lives are destined transform because—thanks to menopause—our bodies and our psyches undergo a nearly total metamorphosis.

As a woman in midlife, you’ll likely relate to these six major markers of change:

  • Risk taking: Our years of life experience have gifted us with a certain, quite confidence. We know that we can handle most any events that come our way. We’ve let go of our former fears of the unexpected and we no longer feel the obsessive need to control every outcome. We now find ourselves free—even excited—to venture beyond our comfort zone.
  • Finding (not losing) ourselves in relationships: Our hard earned confidence allows us to interact with boldness and authenticity. We are no longer bound by the overriding need to please and to maintain calm waters no matter the cost. We can and do set new terms in a relationship—and these terms are of our choosing.
  • Second chances: We’ve gained clarity about our own needs, let go of long ago hurts, and shed resentments, thereby freeing ourselves up for a second chance—either with a long-term spouse or by forging a new relationship.
  • Free to be you and me: We’ve loosened the rules, let go of many of our inhibitions and leftover baggage, and adopted the motto: “Life is too short to… (fill in the blank).”
  • The glass half-full: New intimacy begins with ACCEPTANCE in the fullest meaning of the word. We’ve learned to manage the voice of our inner critic, laugh at our flaws, and appreciate life. If we make the choice to experience joy, our glass can truly be half-full.
  • The perfect place: The bottom line? Each of the ways we’re changing deepens our ability to share intimate connections and love in countless ways.

To hear more of this wonderful news, I invite you to tune in for 15-minutes that will add a little joy to your own life as Suzanne Braun Levine shares: How We Love Now: The New Intimacy After 50. The paperback edition is hot-off-the-press and you’ll want to grab a copy and see for yourself.

As we’re learning more and more… How We Love Now is Mother Nature’s surprising gift to those of us lucky enough to be loving life on the Feisty Side of Fifty!
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– Mary Eileen Williams

How We Love Now Book Cover

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