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[29 Jan 2013 | No Comment | 4,058 views]

by Suzanne Braun Levine

Years from now you’ll wish you looked this good, so show your body the respect it deserves…

One of the peculiarities of being an older mother is that your children see your younger self as a stranger. Any photograph in which I appear chic or sexy or simply young elicits the same stunned response from my 26-year-old daughter: “Is that you?” She can’t picture me actually wearing the hip ’60s clothing that I pull out to impress her, especially since I can’t even get any of it over my head now.

Featured, How We Love Now »

[24 Nov 2012 | No Comment | 2,353 views]
Talkin’ ‘bout Our Generation: The Myths Versus Reality

By NextAvenue Staff

You know the stereotype: aging narcissists who’ve lost their creative edge, coasting downhill and taking up space at work as they wax nostalgic about Leave It to Beaver and Woodstock to stave off the inevitable midlife crisis. Or something like that.