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[29 May 2015 | No Comment | 4,674 views]
Being Old Is Full of Beautiful Surprises

Suzanne Braun Levine

The author at 70 catalogs how she’s acting her age

It seems as though everyone I know is talking about death. We are also talking about how, to our surprise, death seems more like the houseguest who won’t leave than the grim reaper. That’s the big difference about being over 70. Death is more of a presence — an active presence — and less of a threat than it was when we were 60. As my friend Robin puts it, when time is running out, we are blessed with the “gift of urgency.”

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[5 Jun 2013 | No Comment | 3,674 views]
Join our “LIVE” WHOA! Network Celebration of  “You Gotta Have Girlfriends” June 11, 7PM ET

WHOA! Network, Women
Honoring Our Age
Invite your post-fifty posse over to your house on Tuesday, June 11 for a 7:00 p.m. (ET) for a celebration of one of life’s most important relationships – our girlfriends – on the WHOA! Network. You can watch it together  ”Live” on the WHOA! Network “You Gotta Have Girlfriends”  Show Page.
Joining me on this program – in addition to the wonderful co-founders of WHOA!, Lynn Forbes and Darryle Pollack – are my friends Mary Eileen Williams, Pat Wynn Brown, Amy Ferris and Karin Lippert who are …

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[23 Apr 2013 | No Comment | 4,917 views]
“Retirement or What Next™” for <br />Women Over 50 in Transition

May 18-19, 2013
Denver, Colorado

Ruthie Neubauer, my most cherished childhood friend, has become a wise therapist and with Karen Van Allen leads workshops for women like us. The next “Retirement or WHAT NEXT™” weekend is May18-19th, in Denver, CO. — Suzanne

This Weekend is for you if you…

Feel pressure to respond to the question: What do I do with the rest of my life? Know what you want but feel inhibited. Feel isolated with your inner questions. Wish to express yourself in new ways. Want support to play with ideas and dreams. Plan to retire and have concerns.

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[26 Nov 2012 | No Comment | 3,771 views]
SELF- INVENTION – The Bond Among Women of All Generations

By Suzanne Braun Levine

One thing about being an older mother is that you are constantly reminded of the truism that age doesn’t really describe the shape of a person’s life. Nor does our place on the family tree, the generation we are assigned to at birth. When my daughter was born I was 44, old enough to be her grandmother. When she went to school, I was old enough to be her teachers’ (and her friends parents’) mother. At the same time my contemporaries had long since forgotten about coping with babies and young children – they were on to the joys of grandchildren. My most meaningful cohort was other women with children my children’s age, but not my age themselves.

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[11 Nov 2011 | No Comment | 3,300 views]
“HOW WE LOVE NOW: Sex and the<br />New Intimacy in Second Adulthood”

By Suzanne Braun Levine,

Thousands of women in their fifties, sixties and seventies are living – and defining a totally new love narrative. Whether they are already experiencing intimacy or joy – and great sex! – or need the inspiration and support to go for it, readers will be energized and motivated by the stories of new ways of loving in How We Love Now: Sex and the New Intimacy in Second Adulthood…

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[5 Oct 2011 | No Comment | 2,918 views]
“Horn Tooting — The Sequel”

By Mary Eileen Williams

Women over 50 have wrestled with a lifetime of mixed messages. In our formative years we were taught the virtues of adhering to the1950’s & early ‘60’s standards of conformity. That meant being “ladylike” and fashioning our futures based on the June Cleaver/Donna Read models of matrimonial bliss.

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[28 Jul 2011 | One Comment | 6,267 views]
The Transition Network – Celebrating Our<br />‘Pride of Age’ Birthdays – Four Stories!

By Karin Lippert, 67
July 26, 2011

Are we the most engaged and empowered generation of women over 50 in recorded history? Most days it certainly feels like it. Not only are we 37 million strong, but our generation is the first to truly embrace second adulthood and celebrate our ‘Pride of Age” birthdays.

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[11 Jul 2011 | One Comment | 3,843 views]
Bathing Suits, Bikinis and Our Bodies!

By Suzanne Braun Levine

Recently I came upon a photograph of myself in my first bikini (it was really a two-piece, compared to what goes as a bikini these days) and I was struck by how good I looked. That thought lasted about two minutes until I realized that when that picture was taken, I thought I looked fat and bulky; I was not happy to be looked at. Then I realized that I feel the same way today. Fat and bulky. Plus, wrinkled and saggy. What a waste, I thought, not feeling good about my body back then. And just as much of a waste feeling ashamed of it now.

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[27 Jun 2011 | No Comment | 3,338 views]
“Writing about Me, Ourselves, and You”

By Suzanne Braun Levine,
“Happy Anniversary,

Finding material to write about is not always easy. One route is the memoir, which is built on revealing material you know well. Or you can write about something you don’t know well but would like to learn about. I combine the two by weaving some – but not all – of my own life story with answers to the question “What’s going on with women?” I have spent most of my professional life chronicling that transformation of women’s lives at different stages, and the experience has, in turn, inspired and empowered my own. Every time over the past forty years that I posed the question “What’s going on with women?” the answers were different.

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[21 Jun 2011 | No Comment | 2,888 views]
Welcome to Summer – “Seeking the<br />Buddha Nature in a Kayak”

A Summer Poem
By Joyce Ellen Weinstein

Seeking the Buddha Nature in a Kayak

Gliding parallel the shoreline
Nanoseconds of now